Each year, thousands of Ohio attorneys volunteer to provide legal information, advice, or full representation to Ohioans who cannot afford an attorney but who face life changing legal challenges. You can too! Become part of the solution and volunteer today.




Pro bono providers are there to ensure that you have the knowledge and support to make your pro bono experience successful for you and your client. They can provide:

• free CLE in the substantive legal areas you are working in;
• opportunities to shadow more experienced practitioners;
• mentors; and,
• outlines, templates, and sample pleadings.

Pro bono is an excellent way to gain practical skills and learn new areas of law in a safe environment!

No problem!

Pro bono providers offer malpractice coverage for pro bono cases.

Pro Bono can help you build your practice.

Attending pro bono clinics lets you meet and collaborate with other lawyers in the community, including those from small and large firms, in-house corporate counsel, and other public interest organizations.

Pro bono experiences can also help you explore new areas of law in which you may want to practice.

Volunteering is a great way to get legal experience during periods when you may be underemployed.

Pro bono work can be done in a variety of different time frames. There is likely one that fits your schedule. You can volunteer in any of the following ways:

• Attending a clinic for a few hours to provide limited assistance with things like drafting a will, completing a record-sealing application, or completing a naturalization application;

• Volunteering at housing court to represent a tenant in an eviction hearing;

• Accepting a case for full representation; or,

• Volunteering for a few hours a week at your local legal aid office.

As a lawyer, you have unique skills that make a real difference in the lives of Ohioans. Only lawyers can help with legal challenges. Your brief advice and counsel can help:

• A young adult who wants to work to overcome the barrier created by a prior criminal conviction;

• A homeless single mother with children find stable housing by redressing a poor, prior rental history;

• A victim of domestic violence resolve an extraordinary tax liability created by her abusive spouse;

• A senior Ohioan achieve peace of mind by drafting a simple will and advance directives; or,

• An Ohio veteran gain the benefits earned during his military service.

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