Emily Brown, staff attorney with Advocates for Basic Legal Equality (ABLE), has a deep passion and commitment to public service instrumental in her work as an immigration attorney. After joining ABLE on a Skadden Fellowship, Emily continues to advocate for and protect the civil legal rights of immigrants as a staff attorney.

Emily serves as lead counsel or co-counsel on numerous federal district court and federal courts of appeals cases. One of Emily’s greatest achievements is a victory in a federal class-action lawsuit that ruled that children of undocumented immigrants who are U.S. citizens can obtain driver’s licenses.

Emily is a leader at ABLE. She serves on the ABLE and Legal Aid of Western Ohio Summer Associate Program Recruitment Committee, helps with fundraising, and builds relationships with various community groups. She has also served as a mentor for young attorneys and provides helpful supervision, support, guidance, and direction. The Ohio Access to Justice Foundation is pleased to recognize outstanding legal aid attorney Emily Brown.