Foreclosure Work Making a Difference

OLAF, working in collaboration with the Ohio Poverty Law Center (OPLC), all of Ohio's legal services programs, and the Ohio Attorney General's Save the Dream project, is helping Ohioans facing foreclosure work through their foreclosure-related problems, and in nearly 12% of the cases, are able to help people keep their homes. The success stories speak [...]

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Collaboration with Banks in Challenging Times

Relationship management is a key component to managing IOTA and IOLTA accounts in support of legal services. In Ohio, OLAF staff work daily to nurture, maintain and grow bank relationships to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship while upholding the mission of OLAF. Lawyers and title agents can significantly enhance the funds that are available for [...]

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The OLAF Pro Bono Vision in Ohio

OLAF's pro bono vision is for all Ohio lawyers and law students to have an opportunity to assist low income and disadvantaged Ohioans with their civil legal problems - gaining professional satisfaction by ensuring equal justice for all and strengthening communities. OLAF's pro bono mission is three-fold. - First, the Foundation provides a statewide leadership [...]

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Working with Stakeholders for Continued Support

OLAF staff, board members, private bar, local courts, state officials and community partners continue to collaborate on strategies to the sustain and enhance funding for civil legal aid to the poor. Work is being done daily to ensure that all Ohioans have access to justice. If you have questions about current activities, please contact us [...]

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