Ohio attorneys will receive registration packets this month for the 2017-2019 biennial registration, according to a recent Court News Ohio story.

New for this registration biennium is the option to register as an Emeritus Pro Bono attorney, which enables attorneys with at least 15 years in practice, a clean recent disciplinary record, and not otherwise engaged in the practice of law, to practice as a pro bono attorney volunteer for a recognized pro bono organization. Attorneys currently registered as active or inactive are eligible to transition to emeritus pro bono status.

Emeritus pro bono attorneys will pay a reduced registration fee of only $75.00 for the biennium, but will have the same CLE obligation as an attorney on active status. As volunteers for pro bono organizations, emeritus pro bono attorneys will be eligible to receive free training for CLE credit.

See legal professionals talk about the value of continuing to practice as a pro bono volunteer after a long legal career in a short video produced by the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation.