“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

We are not a nation of laws if those laws are applied discriminately. We must have equality; actual, real and true equality – in education, in opportunity, and in the creation and application of our laws. There is insufficient room on this page to list all of the black and brown people who have been killed by racism over the last 400 years. We mourn the loss of George Floyd and we support those peacefully calling on all of us to do more and be better.

The Ohio Access to Justice Foundation and all of Ohio’s legal aid societies work daily to remedy  disparities and to achieve equality; actual, real and true equality – in education, in opportunity, and in the creation and application of our laws. Through civil legal services, we work to give every person who cannot afford an attorney a chance to live a safe, financially stable, healthy and productive life. Many of the amazing people we are privileged to serve are black and brown people and we are proud to use the law to achieve justice everywhere. Civil legal services, legal aid, and the Foundation are a critical part of the answer, but they are only a part.

Injustice remains and it threatens us all. We must seize this moment in time. We must ensure that George Floyd’s death does not become another example of inaction following outrage.

We all have a role to play. We can be better and we can do more. The Prophet Micah tells us that we are called to: “do justice and to love goodness, and to walk humbly.” Micah 6:8. Each of us must commit to be civil and kind to every person, no matter their color, their race, their age, their religion, their gender, their sexual orientation or their legal status. Each of us must commit to give something of our time, treasure or talent to make our communities better, healthier and stronger – equal. Together, we can commit these injustices to history. Together, we can achieve justice everywhere.

President – Kimberly C. Shumate     Vice President – Jennifer E. Day
Treasurer – Paula Boggs Muething      Secretary – Mary Amos Augsburger
Past President – David A. Kutik     Executive Director – Angie Lloyd
Staff of the Ohio Access to Justice Foundation

Victoria E. Beckman
Ann S. Bergen
Sally W. Bloomfield
Vallie T. Bowman-English
Stephen R. Buchenroth
Stuart F. Cubbon
Christopher J. Davey
Susan M. DiMickele
Hon. Matthew J. Dolan
Matthew J. Donahue
William D. Dowling
Dean Lee I. Fisher
Hon. Judith L. French
Scott T. Greenwood
Hon. Cheryl L. Grossman
Hon. William A. Klatt
Gary J. Leppla
Joseph L. Mas
G. Scott McComb
John B. Pinney
Richard W. Pogue
Brenda L. Rinehart
P. Kelly Tompkins
Kathleen M. Trafford
Rev. Daryl Ward
William K. Weisenberg
Hon. Richard P. Wright
Timothy Young

Mary Asbury
John D. Holschuh Jr.

Thomas V. Chema
Hon. Ben E. Espy
Hon. James M. Petro