The Ohio Access to Justice Foundation’s new veterans grant program will increase the capacity of Ohio’s legal aids to serve our nation’s heroes, many of whom have unique civil legal challenges. Thanks to support from the Ohio Legislature General Revenue Fund appropriation and the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Attorney Services Fund, the Foundation will increase the funding available to serve veterans to $500,000.

“We’re tremendously grateful for the increased support from the Ohio legislature,” said Angie Lloyd, the Foundation’s executive director. “We’re looking forward to supporting our grantees in delivering services that will yield life-changing outcomes for veterans.”

Through legal aid, veterans can resolve civil legal challenges to ensure access to safe housing, improved family stability, and increased financial security. Often, however, veterans deal with unique and compounding legal issues that require legal services tailored to them.

“Veterans want services that meet their specific needs,” said Camille Gill, programs and grants counsel for the Foundation. ”This program offers a targeted approach to meet veterans where they are.”

To help more veterans, Ohio’s legal aids will grow service delivery methods and continue to develop partnerships with community stakeholders such as veterans courts, Veterans Affairs bureaus, Veterans Service Centers, and other nonprofits that understand veterans’ challenges.

“Establishing partnerships where legal aid attorneys can be physically present in locations frequented by veterans, such as veterans courts or veterans hospitals, will enhance the accessibility and visibility of legal services for our veteran community,” Gill said. “Our goal is to connect more veterans to legal aid and increase the number of veterans served statewide.”

The Ohio Access to Justice Foundation is the largest funder of civil legal services in Ohio. A gift to the Foundation supports Ohio’s veterans.