On May 7, the Ohio Access to Justice Foundation joined the Ohio State Bar Association to celebrate excellence in the legal profession. The Foundation presented the 2024 Voice of Justice Award to Representative Kevin Miller and the 2024 Presidential Award to Robin Bozian at the Ohio Bar Annual Meeting of Members at the Ohio Statehouse.

The Foundation created the Voice of Justice Award in 2015 to recognize a person or organization that demonstrates outstanding leadership and advocacy on behalf of low-income Ohioans who may need legal assistance to live stable, healthy, and financially secure lives.

Throughout his career, Rep. Miller has championed equal justice for all.

“Rep. Miller’s background as a law enforcement officer has enabled him to understand regular Ohioans and what they experience,” said Foundation Executive Director Angie Lloyd. “He understands that Ohioans want to overcome their civil legal issues to become more productive, contributing members of their communities.”

As Chair of the Finance Subcommittee on Public Safety, Rep. Miller worked on the Foundation’s request to direct additional state dollars to Ohio’s legal aids. Because of Rep. Miller’s leadership and support, the Ohio House of Representatives doubled its appropriation to support legal aid’s work for low-income veterans and Ohioans struggling with substance use disorder from $1 million to $2 million over the biennium.

“Rep. Miller’s leadership means that more low-income Ohioans have access to legal help to stabilize their lives and contribute to their communities,” Lloyd said. “We are so pleased to honor his extraordinary contributions with the Voice of Justice Award.”

The Foundation’s Presidential Award is given annually to individuals, law firms, or organizations that have made outstanding efforts to improve access to justice in Ohio.

Since 1996, the Foundation has honored leaders in pro bono who play an indispensable role in helping Ohioans address civil legal issues that impact health, safety, and financial security.

Robin Bozian has demonstrated a sustained and impressive commitment to access to justice. Although she retired from legal aid in 2021, her service to southeastern Ohio continues.

“Using my skills is a lifelong project for me,” Bozian said. “I’m privileged to have had the opportunity to become a lawyer, and therefore, my responsibility as a lawyer is caring about my community and using my skills to affect my community.”

The Ohio Access to Justice Foundation annually presents the Presidential, Voice of Justice, and Denis J. Murphy awards to outstanding leaders. Learn more about the Foundation’s awards.