Pictured is attorney Carl Murway of AAML and Foundation Executive Director Angie Lloyd.

The Foundation is excited to continue its partnership with the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) to provide grant opportunities to Ohio’s legal aid organizations to support critical family legal services.

AAML, an organization dedicated to professionalism and excellence in the practice of family law and a long-time supporter of legal aid, has for the second year committed $50,000 to Ohio’s legal aid organizations, much of which will support domestic violence survivors.

“The Foundation was invited to apply for a second round of funding from AAML to continue the impactful partnership that began in 2021,” said Programs and Grants Counsel Camille Gill.

Last year, the Foundation distributed the funding from AAML across each of Ohio’s legal aid organizations, with a focus on providing more support in rural areas. In 2021, Ohio’s legal aid organizations opened more than 8,000 cases related to domestic violence, with services ranging from brief advice to full representation in obtaining a divorce or a civil protection order. Funding from AAML made these services possible for hundreds of low-income Ohioans.

“This funding is essential in filling the gap left by decreases in federal funding streams that had traditionally supported legal services related to domestic violence,” Gill said.

Many thanks to AAML for their continued support in helping Ohio’s most vulnerable populations.

Interested in exploring a grantmaking partnership with the Foundation? Contact Camille Gill for more information.