The Ohio Access to Justice Foundation’s new community economic impact study, Strength in Justice, highlights how the work of Ohio’s legal aids help Ohioans and their communities be stronger, more financially secure, safer, and healthier.

Strength in Justice details how every dollar invested in civil legal aid returns $2.90. These benefits are realized through increased wages, preserved property values, improved lifetime earnings, saved shelter and emergency medical costs, and avoided community police, fire and vacant property costs.

“Ohio’s legal aids are on the front line of the current crisis,” said Angie Lloyd, executive director of the Foundation. “Every day, legal aid attorneys help Ohioans overcome the legal hurdles that impair their opportunities to be secure, stable, and successful.”

Last year, Ohio’s legal aids served almost 141,000 Ohioans, a number only expected to grow in the wake of COVID-19. At this time of public health emergency, Strength in Justice demonstrates the value and positive impact of civil legal aid on the state.

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