Legal Aid: Good for Business

The latest issue of Ohio Matters, the official publication of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, makes the compelling case that legal aid is good for business. Read more in Ohio Matters.

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Ann Roche: Justice for All Fellow

With near record unemployment levels in Ohio, many employers are hiring. But for some Ohioans who want to work, finding and keeping a job is full of barriers, particularly for those with a criminal record. Justice for All fellow Ann Roche is using her fellowship with Southeastern Ohio Legal Services (SEOLS) to address this problem. [...]

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Aisha Sleiman: Justice for All Fellow

Aisha Sleiman grew up with a keen awareness of inequality. As a high school student in the Bay area, she volunteered at a neighboring school in Oakland. The disparity between the resources her wealthy high school had compared to the Oakland school were apparent. “There was this injustice,” she said. “I had way more opportunities [...]

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Emily Roberts: Justice for All Fellow

Through volunteering at the University of Cincinnati College of Law’s Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Order Clinic, run through a partnership with the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati, Emily Roberts “fell in love” with legal aid. “I felt like I was in the right place,” she said. “It was really fun to find legal [...]

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Kristin Riebsomer: Justice for All Fellow

Kristin Riebsomer didn’t love law school, but she did love her internship at a local legal aid office. “It was really the thing that kept me going,” she said. “My classes Monday through Wednesday were worth it because of the work that I got to do at my internship. It made me realize that law [...]

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Lauren Wert: Justice for All Fellow

Lauren Wert has devoted much of her life to public service. After graduating from college, she entered the Peace Corps and served in Guatemala for two years. When she came back to the U.S., she interned at a non-profit working on immigration issues, and was inspired by several female attorneys there to apply to law [...]

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Caitlin DiCresce: Justice for All Fellow

Caitlin DiCresce always knew that she wanted to work with children. After enrolling in pre-law classes as an undergrad, she decided to apply to law school and selected the Mortiz College of Law partly due to their Justice for Children Clinic. A clerkship at The Legal Aid Society of Columbus led DiCresce to the Foundation’s [...]

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Patrick Higgins: Justice for All Fellow

It took an experience abroad working at a nongovernmental organization for Patrick Higgins to realize that many of the poverty issues he was devoted to solving were an issue back home in the U.S. too. It spurred his decision to attend law school, and it eventually brought him to Ohio Poverty Law Center as a [...]

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Suzy Firestone: Justice for All Fellow

Suzy Firestone knows that her work makes a difference. She recently won an asylum case for a woman and her child who fled Guatemala after suffering severe domestic violence. “It was someone I had worked with for a year and a half, so it was an extremely satisfying win,” she said. Early in her career [...]

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