COLUMBUS, Ohio (Dec. 10, 2019) — Attorney John Schrider, director of the Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio, LLC, is the 2019 recipient of the Ohio Access to Justice Foundation Denis J. Murphy Award.

The Denis J. Murphy Award is presented annually to recognize outstanding leadership and advocacy within Ohio’s legal aids.

“John has devoted his career at legal aid to improving access to justice for Ohioans struggling to make ends meet, and is a worthy recipient of the Denis J. Murphy Award,” said Angie Lloyd, executive director, Ohio Access to Justice Foundation.

A nationally respected leader on affordable housing, Schrider has spent more than forty years advocating for affordable housing preservation and expanding housing opportunities in Greater Cincinnati. A fierce defender of low-income tenants, Schrider’s work has ensured that more families experiencing poverty can find affordable housing in neighborhoods of their choice.

In 2007, Schrider became the director of the Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio, LLC, where he has established a culture of excellence that has made it one of the nation’s premier legal services programs.

“John’s work has transformed our community and has been admired and emulated by other legal services organizations,” said Mary Asbury, executive director, Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati. “For John’s clients, his impact on their lives has been so great that many remain in touch years and even decades after John represented them.”

The Ohio Access to Justice Foundation improves fairness and access to justice for all Ohioans. Established in 1994 as the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation, the Foundation funds Ohio’s legal aids through the IOLTA/IOTA program, a civil filing fee surcharge, and donations. Legal aid helps families, children, veterans, seniors, and other Ohioans struggling to make ends meet get back on their feet and on the road to self-sufficiency. Through the Foundation’s work, Ohioans have access to legal help, advice, and representation, which ensures fairness for all in the justice system.